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26 nov 2013
Sidi Crossfire2 for the ladies' motocross world champion

Maser (Treviso), 26 November, 2013 - Two-time WMX World Champion brought fun and joy with her on her first visit to Sidi. This is Kiara Fontanesi, born in Parma in 1994, as gutsy and aggressive on the track as she is sunny, sweet and friendly once she's off her bike.  Dino and Rosella Signori and the entire Sidi Sport staff welcomed her with open arms at their general headquarters in Maser (Treviso). The undisputed queen of world off road racing responded with great enthusiasm, interest and curiosity.
It was fascinating to see how they make the Crossfire2 boots I use, with which I've obtained so many victories and fantastic achievements - explains Kiara Fontanesi. Often we don't realize all the work, passion and commitment that goes into every detail. I love my Crossfire2 boots; my feet are protected and they are light and comfortable. In them technology and quality materials fuse with an attractive design for a look that's always perfect, thanks to the personalized graphics developed with the Sidi staff; I really couldn't ask for anything more. Here at Sidi I discovered a  wonderful atmosphere with exceptional people who always do their best to meet my demands and all I can do is try to reward their faith and their attention with my victories. The last two seasons have been extraordinary for me. Now I'm ready to get going again and look forward to 2014 and trying to obtain the best results again with my Crossfire2 boots on my feet, as always.