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8 jul 2013
MX1 with Cairoli, EMX250 with Seewer and EMX125 with Jonass

Maser (Treviso), 08 July, 2013 Sidi Sport took home a chestful of loot from the Latvian GP that played out last weekend on the Kegums speedway. In the MX1 the usual Tony Cairoli (KTM) literally cleaned up, winning the 61st Grand Prix race in his career, which counts as his seventh bullseye for the season. Sidi sport scored a double with the Man from Messina's team mate, Belgium's Ken De Dycker, coming in second place. The two riders practically shared the race;  Cairoli taking victory in race1 and second place in race2, with inverse placements for De Dycker. In the race and on the podium the KTM champions were announced by their calling cards, their Sidi Crossfire2 boots, number one for motocross and off road. A phenomenal Cairoli thus strengthened his lead in the world rankings, which he now commands with 514 points and an 82 length advantage over Paulin.
Sidi sport's success in Latvia was made complete by victories in the races for the European Motocross Championships. Switzerland's Jeremy Seewer (Suzuki) clinched the EMX250 race, while Latvian Pauls Jonass (KTM), riding on his hometown racetrack, won the EMX125 race and also leads the championship standings. There were plenty of prestigious victories, all of them obtained by extraordinary champions, who as always were wearing their inseparable Sidi Crossfire2 boots