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1 jul 2013
Sidi Crossfire 2 boots are always with them.Tony Cairoli has won 60 GPs !

Maser (Treviso), 1 July, 2013 – After the Swedish GP, Sidi Sport can celebrate another fantastic achievement by our Tony Cairoli (KTM). In fact, on Sunday, June 30th, on the Uddevalla raceway the number one world motocross rider dominated both heats in the MX1 to score his latest double and take home the 60th Grand Prix race victory in his career. This success has given Tony important points that have allowed him to further his lead in the World Championship rankings, where he now commands with 69 lengths of advantage over Paulin.
His team mate Ken De Dycker also had an excellent race with KTM; he was fourth in race1, second in race2 and second in the final classification right on Cairoli’s heels. Jeremy Seewer increased Sidi’s prizes in Sweden, coming in third in the EMX 250 race that qualifies for the European Motocross Championship.
In the race and on the podium, these champions can always be seen wearing their Sidi Crossfire2 boots, the number one in off-road footwear. 
Last year Swedenturned out to be unlucky for Cairoli, but this year the ace from Messinamanaged to make up for it with a nice win. And to think that in the last few weeks he wasn’t able to train much because of the injury suffered to his left knee during the Italian GP in Maggiora. Yet as always, it is particularly in the roughest moments that Cairoli finds the guts and determination to give it his all... because when the going gets tough, the tough get going, and their Sidi Crossfire2 boots are right there with them.