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3 may 2013
Crossfire2 for Marcel Hirscher, Sidi Wire for Manfred Moelgg

Maser (Treviso), 03 May, 2013 - Sidi Sport confirms its passion for snow and skiing. In fact,  lots of champions from the white circuit have always used Sidi footwear and other products from the Sidi Sport collection for the bicycle training that is an integral part of a skier's physical regimen.
These athletes include Austrian Marcel Hirscher, the star of the Wunderteam who won the absolute Alpine Skiing World Cup in 2012 and in 2013. This year at the World Championships in Schaldmig, in front of his home crowd, Hirscher captured the gold medal in the special slalom and the silver medal in the giant slalom. He is also a big fan of motocross. Obviously, the number one world skier could only wear the number one boot for motocross, the Sidi Crossfire2.
Manfred Moelgg recently dropped in to Sidi's general headquarters in Maser to pay a visit to  Dino and Rosella Signori as well as all his friends on the Sidi staff. He also came to fine-tune his new Sidi Wire shoes, the top of the line footwear from the Sidi Sport collection for the road, which Moelgg wears on all his bike rides. In his usual outgoing style Manfred couldn't resist a visit to the showroom displaying ski boots produced by Sidi in the 60's, where he got his picture taken with Dino Signori.
Attached is a photo of Marcel Hirscher in his motocross version with his Sidi Crossfire2 boots and the picture of Manfred Moelgg's visit to the Sidi general headquarters in Maser (Treviso).