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14 jan 2013
Sidi Wire to be worn by Ivan Basso, Peter Sagan, Moreno Moser, Elia Viviani & company

Maser (Treviso), 14 January, 2013 – After eight years of collaboration and success with Team Liquigas, Sidi Sport is continuing our adventures along with new Team Cannondale Pro Cycling, led as always by team manager Roberto Amadio.
There will be plenty of champions numbering the Team Cannondale Pro Cycling ranks, including headliners like Ivan Basso, the man to watch in the major tours, Peter Sagan, the Incredible Hulk, who leaves his mark on every race, Moreno Moser, the emerging talent, and Elia Viviani, fast and victorious on the road and on the track. They will be in the pack with lots of other, hungry, ambitious riders who are eager to break out and grab the spotlight on all fronts, whether it’s the major stage races or the classics.
All the athletes on the team will be sporting Sidi Sport shoes on their feet. The riders from Cannondale Pro Cycling will be able to rely on Sidi Wire, the new,  top-of the-line model in the 2013 Sidi Sport road collection, produced entirely in patent leather and carbon micro-fibre, with a combination of technology and design that has led to the creation of a shoe that is consistently lighter and higher-performing than other footwear. The closure system is the most remarkable facet of the Wire model.  In fact, the shoe features an exclusive, cutting-edge mechanism called Tecno-3 System, which seals the entire length of the shoe with two dials that help the uppers conform perfectly to the shape of each individual foot, thus creating a personalized fit.
In the 2013 season our partnership will be even stronger; in fact, the Sidi Sport logo will also appear on the Team Cannondale Pro Cycling jerseys.

“Through the enterprises of its champions the partnership with Team Liquigas has also led Sidi to some significant accomplishments,”  explained Dino Signori, founder and owner of Sidi Sport. “We’ve been through many exciting years together, on a long adventure that has brought both of us fantastic joy and unforgettable victories, which have already become a part of cycling legend. Backing up Team Liquigas we have found worthy people who make up a serious and professional work group with whom we’ve built a deep and lasting bond, season after season. This is one of the main reasons which motivated us to also reaffirm our commitment to the new, international-calibre Team Cannondale Pro Cycling, which is part of the World Tour but which also remains a representative symbol of Italy, deeply tied to our territory. Obviously, the new stars-and-stripes sponsorship will lend the team an even more important role on the American cycling scene, in a geographical area where Sidi already enjoys considerable visibility through our overseas branch, Sidi America.”

“Throughout the years we’ve created a special relationship with Sidi,” explains team manager for Cannondale Pro Cycling Roberto Amadio, “which goes beyond sponsorship. It’s an enormous satisfaction and a great source of pride to know that Sidi continues to stand by us. Now we can make use of maximum high quality in a product like shoes, which are fundamental for a rider. We are ready to take off together for new, ambitious finish lines, to share in the joy of fresh accomplishments.”

Here attached are a photo of the model with personalized Team Cannondale Pro Cycling graphics and the team’s new jersey, featuring the Sidi Sport logo.