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22 nov 2012
Jury Chechi cycles wearing Sidi Sport shoes

Maser (Treviso), 22 November, 2012 – Jury Chechi paid a much anticipated visit to Sidi Sport headquarters in Maser (Treviso). Also known as “the Lord of the Rings” due to his formidable talents, Chechi comes from Prato, in Tuscany. He has become a true legend in gymnastics, dominating in the rings category during the 90’s and bringing home a fantastic Olympic gold medal in gymnastics from the ’96 Atlanta Games, 32 years after Menichelli’s victory in the freestyle at the 1964 Tokyo Games.  
In addition to Olympic gold, his trophies include five consecutive World Titles from 1993 to 1997, which made him the first gymnast in history to win 5 championship medals back to back in one specialty. Not to mention the myriad gold medals garnered among European and University competitions and the Mediterranean games, which have always been one of the biggest gymnastics events.
Also unforgettable was his Olympic final in the rings at Athens 2004, where Jury Chechi captured an unexpected yet spectacular bronze; Sidi got a chance to meet and befriend Jury after the 2004 Olympics, in which another great athlete from Sidi Sport, the legendary Paolo Bettini, enjoyed victory. It turns out Bettini is Chechi’s friend as well as his cycling buddy. 
Jury is an ex-gymnast by profession and a bike rider for passion. “Cycling is one of my greatest passions, I really love and enjoy pedalling; every year I ride many kilometres and I also participate in a lot of gran fondo events,” says Chechi. “It was actually my friendship with Paolo Bettini, a Tuscan and Olympian like me, that contributed to my growing passion for bikes. At fist impression you’d never guess, but cycling and gymnastics have a lot in common: they are beautiful sports which require a lot of effort, you need to train hard for both of them and they both require plenty of sacrifice. At Sidi I’ve met a lot of exceptional people, real friends, and whenever I get the chance I make sure to stop in and say hi to Dino Signori, with whom I enjoy a relationship of mutual friendship and esteem. Some of the greatest cycling champions of all time have passed through these doors at Sidi and for me it’s an honour to be here. I’ve always been comfortable in Sidi shoes and now I can’t wait to road test my new Sidi Wire, which I received personally from Dino Signori himself.”
Attached: photos Jury Chechi during his visit to Sidi Sport headquarters in Maser (Treviso).