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31 oct 2012
Rainbow-coloured Sidi Wire for the TT World Champion

Maser (Treviso), 31 October, 2012 – This week, time trial World Champion Tony Martin paid a visit to Sidi Sport headquarters in Maser (Treviso).
After his second rainbow title the “King of Time” wrapped up his season with three fantastic victories; first in China, where he won a stage in the Tour or Beijing and also captured the final classification for the second consecutive year in the Chinese World Tour; then as a final accomplishment he won the Chrono des Nations in Les Herbiers, France, where he beat the race record by 13 seconds.
On the highest step of the World Championship podium in  Valkenburg Tony Martin was wearing his Sidi Wire shoes, the new, top-of-the-line model in the 2013 road racing collection.  These Wire shoes were made specifically for the German ace by Dino Signori in a special edition featuring the rainbow colours that distinguish the World Champion.
“It’s been a long, hard season, but I had some fantastic achievements, especially the second World Championship and also the Olympic podium. Now I intend to take some time off physically and mentally for a few weeks before starting to work towards the 2013 season. It’s important to have a break to recuperate some energy. I’m not doing anything special; I’m going to stay at home with my girlfriend and I’ll spend a few days in Germany with my parents, perhaps taking long walks and maybe a few easy mountain bike rides, especially to enjoy myself and relax. Simple things that are difficult to do for a rider who’s always travelling all over the world.” 
During his visit to Sidi Martin took the time to meet and thank every member of the Sidi staff one by one. He gave Dino and Rosella Signori one of his rainbow Sidi Wires with his autograph and a special dedication; it is truly a valuable piece, destined to become a part of the collection of great victory items featuring the Sidi Sport stamp. This courtesy visit was also a chance to start working on fine tuning some of the details for the shoes that the World Champion will be using next season.
“Here at Sidi I’ve encountered some special people, exceptional individuals both from a professional standpoint as well as on a human level,” explains the German rider from team Omega Pharma – Quick-Step, who was one of the first riders to field test the new Wire model. “Especially in the time trial, every minimal detail is essential. With all his experience,  Dino Signori knows this very well; this is why he tried so hard to live up to my high standards. I’ve learned to always pay close attention to every little detail, from the bike to accessories like the helmet, the body suit and especially the shoes; I’m always motivated by the need to minimize weight and drag and I keep a close eye on aerodynamics. With Sidi Wire I felt comfortable right away. They are high performing, light shoes, but they haven’t lost any of their firmness, an essential aspect in transmitting all your power to the pedal, especially in time trials.  The new closure system that lets you close the shoe along its entire length by using two knobs is practical and functional, even during the race, and it insures an even tighter, more enveloping fit to the entire foot. This is an aspect that means a lot to me, so I feel joined to the bicycle and I can push it to the limit.”
Attached are photos of Tony Martin’s visit to the Sidi Sport headquarters in Maser, and of the Champion together with Dino Signori.