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19 oct 2012
The Spanish champion pays a visit to Sidi Sport headquarters in Maser

Maser (Treviso), 19 October, 2012 – After starring in the Gran Gala in Conegliano, Joaquim Rodriguez has been continuing his trip through Marca Trevigiana, paying a visit to the Sidi Sport headquarters in Maser, where the Spanish ace was hosted by Dino Signori and the entire Sidi staff.
As always, Sidi was really looking forward to Purito’s visit so we could congratulate him personally as one of our most outstanding athletes. Rodriguez has had a fantastic season, riding as a major player throughout the year, keeping an impressive pace in both the classics and in the major stage races that carried the Spaniard to the top of the final classification for the World Tour, the rankings that keep track of athletes’ overall seasonal performance, for the second time in is career (2010 and 2012).
Before heading off to a much needed and well deserved holiday, Rodriguez took advantage of this perfect occasion to work with the technical staff at Sidi to fine tune some details of the shoes he will be using next season. He will be wearing Sidi Wire shoes, the new, top-of-the-line model in the  Sidi Sport road collection for  2013. Like other greats from the Sidi pool, Purito enjoyed enormous success field testing these shoes in the second part of the season that has just come to an end. And there was yet another surprise for Joaquim Rodriguez. To celebrate  Purito’s extraordinary season, Dino Signori decided to dedicate a special edition of the Wire model to the Spanish champion, specifically personalised for him to commemorate his victory in the final classification of the World Tour with special graphics marking his victory.
“I’d like to thank Dino Signori and the entire Sidi Sport staff for this lovely, much appreciated surprise,” says the Spanish champion from Team Katusha. “It will be an honour and a privilege for me to ride with these shoes. I’ve been wearing Sidi Sport shoes since 2008 and together with Sidi I’ve obtained the best victories in my career until now. With Dino and Rosella Signori, and with all the staff at Sidi, I have a special relationship that goes beyond sports and work. In the second half of this season I switched from the Genius 6.6 Carbon to the new Wire model. They are both highly performing footwear. With the Wire, Sidi has added another gem to its already brilliant collection. I immediately felt comfortable with my Wire shoes. I was especially impressed with the new closure system, which allows for closing the shoe along its entire length using two rotors, which is practical and functional even in the most extreme phases of the race. Although it is extremely light, Wire has maintained an essential Sidi trait; that is the rigidity which is a fundamental aspect that allows you to transfer all your power to the pedal during a race. Every year Sidi shoes raise the bar on technology and comfort applied to cycling footwear.”
Attached: photos of Joaquim Rodriguez with Dino Signori and his new Sidi Wire shoes during his visit to the Sidi Sport headquarters in Maser (Treviso).