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9 oct 2012
He wears Sidi Wire shoes for even lighter high performance.

Maser (Treviso), 09 October, 2012 - Tony Martin has confirmed his absolute dominance in tests against the clock, dominating today's TT at the 2012 Limburg World Championships. The German from Omega Pharma-Quick-Step took home the rainbow jersey and on the 46 km course in Valkenburg he literally blew away the competition, doubling down on the success he enjoyed last year inCopenhagen. In addition to his title in the individual time trial at the rainbow series inHolland, Martin was the locomotive that pushed and pulled his team towards the World Championship title for clubs.
As always Sidi Sport shoes were there with him with Wire, the new model from the top of the line in the road riding collection for 2013. The desire to improve and face new challenges led Sidi Sport to design and develop this new model, which is even lighter and higher performing compared to its predecessors. Sidi is inspired by the same drive that also motivates time trial specialists like Martin and their attention to every detail that can carry them beyond limits in the continuous race against the fractions of a second on a stop watch.
When you race at the highest levels, especially in the time trial, it's these details that make the difference and draw that fine line between the glory of victory and the agony of defeat. This is why Tony Martin, who is always attentive to every minor detail and motivated by the need to minimize weight and drag while maximizing aerodynamics, was one of the first champions from the Sidi pool to field test the new Wire, contributing his athletic experience to the development and perfection of this new, extraordinary, high-performance model. As always, the on-road performance of great Sidi champions are the ideal proving grounds to try and test all new solutions, which are then made available to the wider public of enthusiasts and fans.   
Attached: photos of Tony Martin's victory at Valkenburg and of Martin together with Dino Signori during a visit to the Sidi Sport headquarters in Maser (Treviso).